Episode 37 - Dr Katherine Bond


As a sport psychology consultant to Team GB Katherine Bond is ideally suited to keeping us on the mental straight and narrow... Martin talked to her in depth about all things running. With Tom ill, Martin injured and Liz ill AND injured it's not a great time for the team right now... Tony flew the flag with a Great North Run... banana style!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's had a nightmare of a weekend... no running and no spectating makes Tom a dull boy!

- Martin's been riding his bicycle and doing Elvis impressions

- Check out Ben Davis's inspirational video HERE

- Great iTunes ratings from our toughest critic, Ian Macca... 

- Making duck decoys with Russell Chiodo

- Rate Your Run scores... 104 comments, average 7.7

- Marathon Talk clothing WILL be available from next week's show... stay tuned ;)

05:52 - News

- Haile Gebrselassie and Berhane Adere win the Great North Run (read more)

- Sonia O'Sullivan overtakes 25,300 people (read more)

- Chris Chattaway beats 80% of the field at the age of 80! (read more)

- Rock'n'Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon results (read more)

- Great blog entry from Ryan Hall (read more)

- Sydney Marathon results, well done to Ron Levi (read more)

14:30 - Tony's Trials

- Tony says it how it is...

19:51 - Training Talk - Dealing with injury & illness

- Denial, anger & frustration, bargaining, depression, acceptance... sound familiar?

What should you do?

     - Take action

     - Be patient

     - Be committed

     - Address underlying issues

     - Be gentle with your comeback

29:50 - The Road to Chicago

- It's been a rocky road recently... but things are on the up!

36:10 - Rant & Rave

- Tom doesn't rave about Halie's great run

- Martin does rant about being injured and ill... BOO!

37:21 - Interview - Dr Katherine Bond

- As a BASES accredited Sports psychologist and Team GB consultant Katherine is the perfect person to speak to about building a strong mindset.

1:16:18 - Listener's questions

- Thanks to Jeff Whittington - What's the best post-race foot attire? 

1:17:38 - Winner of the Week

- Roger Biggs for 99 marathons on consecutive weekends... will he make it 100? (Nominated by Andy Prior)

1:18:55 - Close

- The Marathon Talk Marathon Countdown

- Martin's loving his shiny new bike

- Look out for Martin's new interval training collaboration with Audio Fuel (www.audiofuel.co.uk)

- Tune into next week's show for Tom's interview with ultra-running legend Bruce Fordyce (read more)

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