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On this week’s show it’s oh oh at The Great Scottish Run in Glasgow, Jo Pavey toes the line in London, Wardian rips up 7in7, what does it take to run 100,000 miles, what do you call a group of marathon runners? Who is on our rate your run social wall and who is standing tall on the podium? Training Talk looks at what makes a successful marathon January and how do you step it up in February and at age sixteen this week’s guest owned a sawn off shotgun and was robbing security vans around London.

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Show Notes

Welcome to the show notes for Episode 369 of Marathon Talk.

00:00 - Intro

Martin's been 8mile tempo running and launching the new MT website.

Tom's been listening to Malcolm Brown and running a little harder.

Kit Around the World | View the map

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17:41 - News

Rate Your Run | View your ratings #rateyourrun

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- Get well soon Ron.  The legendary Ron Hill ends the longest running streak in history.

- Jo Pavey set to run London | London Marathon

- Mike Wardian smashes 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days. | World Marathon Challenge on Facebook

- Whoops. Short in Glasgow | BBC | Athletics Weekly

Fifty miles a week for 40 years! | Advice from 100,000-milers | RunnersWorld USA

- Lord Coe aware of corruption claims? | BBC

Chip chop - places filling fast. Join us for a running experience of a lifetime at the Five Talents Tanzania Marathon 

41:45 - Listener Podium | View the Podium

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- bask in glory.

43:55 - Training Talk | What is a successful January and how to up your game in February.

Five signs of January success:

  1. Done every run - nailed your consistency. Done what you’d said you do.
  2. You’re still healthy and injury free. No niggles, just a few aches and pains that go.
  3. Still smiling. You’re just reaching a point of increased motivation rather than a dip.
  4. You’ve adapted to your workload and feel like you’re ready for more.
  5. You’ve not annoyed everyone you know by talking about running all the time.

Five ways to progress February

  1. Reflect on your plan and progress.  What has worked, what hasn’t.  Bin what’s not right.
  2. Up your long run distance - carefully and appropriately.
  3. Increase your focus. Learn how to lock it in for a phase of training and a specific run.
  4. Trial your fuel requirements.
  5. Practise your mindset techniques.  It’s not just the physical you’ve got to get right.

49:22 - Interview | John McAvoy | John on Twitter | John's website

Aged 16 this week's guest was doing armed robberies around London.  Now he's marathon running around London.

1:42:51 - Close

Martin is live on the London Marathon Facebook page on Friday at 6pm, at London Marathon Meet the Experts on Saturday and at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday.

Tom is celebrating Helen's birthday and ruling the parkrun world.

Thank you for enjoying Marathon Talk.

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