Episode 366 - Tim Cruse-Drew


Martin and Tom

Laura & Callum light up the athletics world, London announce their elite men's field, Bekele gears up for a phenomenal 2017, Martin speaks to Professor Andrew Lane and Tim Cruse-Drew, there's a solo Listener Podium, you guys rock your kit all around the world, Rate Your Run, and become Marathon Superheroes.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been running with Liz and hosting a London Marathon Facebook Q&A

- Tom's been going for blood tests and hanging out with his kids

- Check out the super-cool Marathon Talk kit around the World photos

- Link to Facebook album Marathon Talk around the World

- Also check out Tom Wake’s interactive world map

Get your Xempo Marathon Talk kit here

Facebook Friday was posted here

15:23 - News

Rate Your Run over on the forum

- Laura muir breaks 25-year-old indoor record



- Callum Hawkins lights up Scotland



London Marathon announce their elite men

Bekele announces a crazy 2017 schedule

- Dave Bedford faces the CMS Select Committee

Student creates wonderful unoffical Adidas advert

- Listener Podium

40:20 - Training Talk - Prof Andy Lane

Follow Andy on Twitter

- Prof Andy Lane has provided a bank of his running related scholarly articles for you to delve into right here.

1:06:11 - Tim Cruse-Drew

Follow Tim Cruse-Drew on Twitter

1:42:01 - Close

- Martin will be doing the Fan Dance SAS route selection exercise and looking forward to the London Marathon

- Tom will be watching the footy and taking things easy

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