Episode 365 - Jack Daniels


You could listen to an episode of Marathon Talk every day for an entire year! It’s show 365 and the first of 2017. Tony’s wife Ruth thanks you for your help with Tony’s charity quiz, Tony brings us his trials, we speak to legendary US running coach Jack Daniels, there’s a little doping update, the IAAF marathon review, and arise Sir Mo! We announce the winner of the Fitness Rewards Christmas Podium and share news of fantastic trip to the Tanzania Marathon!

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro - Welcome to 2017 and show 365!

- Martin's had the festive lurgy and liking Hunter S Thompsons letter to his mate on finding purpose and giving meaning | FarnhamStreet Blog

- Tom's not been running much and setting some 2017 goals.

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- Get well soon Bob Matthews.

- Big thank you from Tony's wife Ruth for your help with Tony's Christmas Quiz.

- Facebook Friday looked at your successes and fails from 2016.

21:44 - News

Rate Your Run

- Arise Sir Mo. | Telegraph | Evening Standard

- Rupp to Shift to Marathon | Oregon Live.

- IAAF End of year reviews - Marathon.

- Ethiopia to impose lifetime bans on drug cheats | Reuters. 

- Russia hold hands up | NY Times.

- No they don’t! | Independant

34:14 - Who wants to come to Africa with us for the Five Talents Tanzania Marathon in October 2017?

- To find out more we speak to Rachel Lindley. Get more information and book your place with Five Talents.

46:56 - Fitness Rewards Listener Podium

This week’s Listener Podium is supported by Fitness Rewards. If you like earning stuff like coffee, cinema tickets, gym memberships, running shoes or GPS watches, as well as getting rewarded for being active, then check out www.fitnessrewards.co.uk and metntion Marathon Talk if you get a quote.

51:43 - Tony's Trials. 

- Tony is doing great.

57:06 - Interview with legendary US running coach Jack Daniels.

- Jack is speaking in the UK at this Running Curve event at the end of January.

1:34:03 - Close

- Martin will be putting the final touches to Run Camp 2017.

- Tom will be pretending to be important swanning about somewhere.

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