Episode 361 - Sarah Thomson


Yuki digs deep in Fukuoka, Seb's athletic reforms are voted through, there's some indoor marathon insight, Martin speaks to trail runner and adventurer Sarah Thomson, and Tom breaks 20 minutes at Bushy parkrun. You guys stand atop the Fitness Rewards Listener Podium, Rate Your Run and show off your Marathon Talk kit all around the world.

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Show Notes

Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been cruising round Poole

- Tom's been breaking 20 minutes at Bushy parkrun

- Read Tom's 2012 Magic Mile diary here

- Check out the super-cool Marathon Talk kit around the World

     - Link to Facebook album Marathon Talk around the World

     - Also check out Tom Wake’s interactive world map

     - Get your Xempo Marathon Talk kit here

- Follow Stuart Leaney as he attempts the 50k treadmill world record

- Facebook Friday was pure comedy gold

19:51 - News

Rate Your Run over on the forum

- Coe's IAAF reforms voted through | bbc.co.uk | apnews.com

- Yuki digs deeper than ever before

- Indoor marathon insight

48:10 - Fitness Rewards Listener Podium

51:20 - Training Talk - Magic Mile Lessons

Read Tom's 2012 Magic Mile diary here

1:04:49 - Interview - Sarah Thomson

- Check out sarahmaythomson.com

1:31:23 - Close

- Tom will be at Rosie's Christmas play

- Martin will be buffing his baubles

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