Episode 355 - Barry Smyth


Martin speaks to running data geek Barry Smyth, Tom's back from his sick-bed, there's news of a documentary about Nicky Spinks Double Bob Graham, loads of BQs in Hawaii, and a Training Talk that challenges your goals, strategies and motivations.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been starting to feel rubbish

- Tom's been finishing feeling rubbish

- Check out the super-cool Marathon Talk kit around the World

     - Link to Facebook album Marathon Talk around the World

     - Also check out Tom Wake’s interactive world map

     - Support the show and buy some MT Xempo kit (ask about getting it personalised)

- Check out Liz's Ireland training camp

- Facebook Friday asked ... what does make a runner?

19:00 - News

Rate Your Run over on the forum

- Pete Kostelnick smashes trans-America run record

- Nicky Spinks documentary trailer

- BQs in Hawaii

     - babbittville.com

     - Breakdown of Patrick Lange's record

     - Patrick Lange on Strava

Listener Podium

36:00 - Training Talk - Self Reflection Time

- Think carefully ...

     - What do you want to achieve?

     - Why do you want to achieve it?

     - What is the most appropriate strategy?

     - What are the implications of that?

     - Are you happy with those?

     - What commitments do you need to make?

     - What's the bigger picture?

1:01:53 - Interview - Barry Smyth

- Insight Centre for Data Analysis

- twitter.com/barrysmyth

1:38:18 - Close

- Martin will be watching daytime telly in his Spiderman dressing-gown 

- Tom will be running 25 miles. Again.


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