Episode 345 - Alyson Dixon & Sonia Samuels


Mo Farah successfully defends his Olympic 10,000m title, the women's 10,000m word record gets obliterated, Martin speaks to Sonia Samuels and Alyson Dixon following their performances in the women's marathon, Ed Whitlock smashes yet another world record, Tom catches up with Mitch Phillips, and you lot rock your Xempo kit all around the world.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been at the beach, watching the Games, and full Thatchering

- Tom's been hanging at home, switching off, and getting reading for parkrun Canada

- Check out the super-cool Marathon Talk Kit Around The World

     - Link to Facebook album Marathon Talk Around The World

     - Also check out Tom Wake’s interactive world map

     - Support the show and buy some Xempo MT kit

- Facebook Friday is here

17:33 - News

Rate Your Run over on the forum

- News from Rio

     - Women's marathon on letsrun.com

43:03 - Alyson Dixon and Sonia Samuels

     - Sumgong responds to doping questions

     - Runner's World on the women's 10,000m

     - Sports Illustrated on the women's 10,000m

     - Do you believe in Magic? Toni Reavis

- Yuliya Stepanova's WADA account hacked

- Ed Whitlock smashes world M85 world record

1:34:43 - Mitch Philips from Rio

- Marathon Talk Listener Podium

     - Taken live from the podium page

1:58:47 - Close

- Martin will be writing copy for next year's London Marathon

- Tom will be living it large in Kelowna! 

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