Episode 343 - Martin Yelling (Part One)


Ed Whitlock smashes another world record, there's news from the Beer Mile World Classic, Tom speaks to Reuters journalist Mitch Phillips, Lizzie Armitstead misses three tests, and Martin speaks to Tom about his Long Run Home.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been celebrating not running any more

- Tom's been looking after poorly children

- Check out the super-cool Marathon Talk kit Around The World

     - Link to Facebook album Marathon Talk around the World

     - Also check out Tom Wake’s interactive world map

     - Support the show and buy some Xempo MT kit

- Facebook Friday was here

18:47 - News

Rate Your Run over on the forum

- Nice day-to-day Rio summary from the BBC

- Lizzie Armitstead in hot water

- Zane Robertson suffers death threats

- Ross Tucker v Matthew Syed (must read)

- Ed Whitlock smashes world 5,000m record

- Beer Mile Word Classic

- Canadian signs $100k Beer Mile deal

- Marathon Talk Listener Podium

     - Taken live from the new podium page

1:08:20 - Martin Yelling (Part One)

- Film My Run of the Long Run Home

- Martin's Long Run Home blog at yellingperformance.com

- Photos of The Long Run Home

- Videos from The Long Run Home

- Donate to Martin's charities

1:43:07 - Close

- Martin will be banging on ... this one time, on the South West Coastal Path ...

- Tom will be chillaxing with his old man

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