Episode 336 - Grant Schofield (Part Two)


Operation Puerto is back in the news, Hajo Seppelt launches a secure website for whistleblowers, Rob Young faces questions over his trans-American run, Ben Smith puts his back out, Ed Whitlock smashes out a world record mile, Facebook Friday takes us to our happy place, Grant Schofield is back for part two of his interview ... and Martin moves closer to The Long Run Home.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction

- Martin's been running back-to-back 20s

- Tom's been knocking out another 25

- Tom Fairbrother completes his ten-marathon challenge

- Check out the amazing Marathon Talk kit all around the world

     - Facebook album

     - Tom Wake's interactive album

Buy your Xempo kit here

- If you're a relevant brand who fancies getting involved in the show then drop us a note via [email protected]

- Facebook Friday takes you to your happy place

17:52 - News

Rate Your Run over on the forum

- Court rules Operation Puerto blood bags should be handed over

- Nick Davies (and his wife) banned over allegations of bribery

- Hajo Seppelt launches sportsleaks.com/dopingleaks.com

- Rob Young's run across America

     - Rob answers challenges over his trans-American claims

     - marathonman.co.uk

     - Check out the crazy letsrun.com forum thread

- Ben Smith and the 401 Challenge

     - Press release re his injury

     - Keep up to date via www.the401challenge.co.uk

- Ross Millington runs Rio qualifiying time

- Ed Whitlock smashes M85 world mile record

53:30 - Interview with Prof Grant Schofield (Part One)

- Grant’s Blog

- Grant on Twitter

- Grant’s Book

1:23:00 - The Long Run Home

- Martin’s latest blog

- The Long Run Home tracking and route map

The Facebook group

1:30:30 - Close

- Martin will be guns out a SUP triathlon

- Tom will be hangning out with his mummy

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