Episode 329 - London Marathon 2016 Review.


It’s the week after the London Marathon and we catch up on all the race action plus speak to some Rio Olympic Games Team GB marathoners! We both ran a marathon that wasn’t in Manchester. Yuki zips it right up. Tony is here with his trials. Martin talks about the Long Run Home. You rate your run, stand proud on a loaded podium and strutt your MT kit around the globe.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been presenting at the London Marathon expo, running in London and at the Running Awards.

- Tom's been at the Running Awards, supporting Little Stoke and running in London.

- Check out the amazing Marathon Talk kit all around the world

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     - Tom Wake's interactive album

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14:38 - News

Rate Your Run over on the forum

- Sad news from the London Marathon | VMLM Press Release

- London Marathon | VMLM News.

- British Marathon Teams for Rio 2016 selected | BBC | Tsegay Tewelde | Guardian 

- Elite women | London Marathon | Watch Sumgong fall

- Men’s chair | London Marathon

- Women’s chair | London Marathon

- Tim Peake and other stories | London Marathon

- Matt Gunby as wonderwoman. | Can't be unseen

- Zurich Marathon | Japan Running News

- Manchester Marathon announce short course.  | BBC | Manchester Marathon | Course Measurement

1:09:28 - Podium

The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

1:12:33 - Tony's Trials

1:13:31 - The Long Run Home. Martin shares some thoughts on his summer challenge.

1:21:13 - Interview 

- We speak to the top two British women from the 2016 London Marathon Aly Dixon and Sonia Samuels.

- 1:39:28 - Close

- Martin will be running longer, SUP training and trench filling.

- Tom will be with England Athletics then off to the BT Sport Awards.

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