Episode 327 - Team GB Rio Marathon women's contenders.


It’s a Team GB Rio Olympic Games Contenders special! We speak to three top female picks for the big trial race in London. We look at the crazy Barkley Marathon. There’s a new World Record for the marathon on an indoor track. The first marathon in Iran kicks off - without women. There’s news of a speedy 10 year old. We talk tapering. You rate your run, stand proudly on the podium and Tom tells us all about the Little Stoke parkrun affair.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been 16mile running, bmf planning and being a generally good husband and father.

- Steve's been running rediculous amounts of miles and calling it tapering. 

- Tom's gone AWOL. #loveparkrun

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8:34 - News

Rate Your Run over on the forum

11:40 parkrun COO Mr Tom Williams joins us for an update on 'the Little Stoke parkrun Scandal'.

- An Indoor Marathon! Right up TW’s street | NY Times

- Rio Olympic Marathon Test event| Inside the Games

- A 3 hour wait for bags in Manchester. | Race statement | Manchester Evening News

- The Virgin Money London Marathon is 2 weeks away! | Elite start sheet.

- Smokin! 17:24 for 5k. For a 10year old! | RunnersWorld USA

- Female runners run Iran’s first marathon | RunnersWorld USA

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- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

45:00 - Training Talk - the taper. Hit race day fresh!

How to get your taper wrong.

1. Chuck in loads of training

2. Push on through injury or illness

3. Over-do everythine else!

53:00 - Interview with Team GB hopefuls for the women's marathon.  'The Contenders'.

We pick 3 women that could be on the plance to Rio. Alyson Dixon, Sonia Samuels and Susan Partridge and catch up with each of them about their Olympic hopes and dreams!

1:25:50 - Close

- Martin will be SUP racing on the River Dart, supporting his daughter in her theatre production and parkrunning.

- Steve will be tapering for London!

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