Episode 321 - The Sandy Balls Special.


On this weeks show it's all about Sandy Balls. Martin and Tom record live at Sandy Balls over the weekend and are joined by over 100 other wonderful runners on pilgrimage to the annual Marathon Talk Run Camp 2016. Catch up with stories from the weekend and interviews with people who were there! We're also joined by nutritionist James Collins to tell us more about the current sports nutrition landscape.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- We're live from Sandy Balls!  Martin & Tom are kicking back in a cafe. 

- Martin announces his big challenge The Long Run Home.

8:22 - Audio with some some lovely Sandy Ball running folk including Dan Ashfar, Jamie Ramsay, Greg Brock, Charlie Henderson, Rachel Ball, Steve Way.

43:08 - This weeks winner of our Fitness Rewards competion and taking home a pair of new trainers woth £100 is Suzanne Robinson.

43:47 - Interview with top nutritionalist James Collins.

- James Collins | website | BBC Good Food.

1:36:15 - Close

- Martin's flying solo looking after the kids at home whilst Liz is away hosting a running camp.

- Tom's back to parkrun land.

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