Episode 32 - Chris Thompson (Part 2)


Chris Thompson tells us all about his amazing silver medal run at the European Athletics Championships earlier this year. Martin's back in the UK, Liz is flying and Tom is loving the vegetarian life.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's ten days into his vegetarian year and has been hanging out with his mum

- Martin is BACK... Liz has been winning smackdowns... and Ruby's been roof surfing! 

05:03 - News

- The Marathon Talk Smackdown now has nine entries and the girls are out to a 10 minute and 45 second lead... details at marathontalk.com/smackdown.

- Scrumping on Facebook!

- Daz Reevel's been filming budgie smugglers... check out the video HERE.

- Weekend run's down 0.6 to 7.0

- London Marathon entry details at virginlondonmarathon.com

- Humpy's Classic Marathon results (marathonguide.com)

- Helsinki City Marathon results (helsinkicitymarathon.com)

- Adelaide Festival City Marathon results (marathonguide.com)

- Paarvo Nurmi Marathon (paavonurmimarathon.com)

- World Age Group Marathon Records (www.arrs.net)

- Ryan Hall inspired by Sammy Wanjiru entering The Chicago Marathon, read his BRILLIANT blog entry at ryanhall.competitor.com.

- Perhaps the greatest burger in the world comes from the Modern Food Cook Book by the Rebar restaurant in Victoria, Vancouver Island. Recipe HERE.

20:10 - The Road to Chicago

- One hundred and eight miles plus a smackdown victory... enough said ;)

23:45 - Training Talk 

- What you need to think about right now...

     - Training - plan it!

          - Recce the course

     - Nutrition - what does your marathon give out? 

     - Kit Bag - Make sure you've got everything you need WELL in advance

     - Travel & Accomodation - How are you getting there? When are you getting there? Where are you staying?

     - Race Info Pack - READ IT... twice!

     - Practical Stuff - Who's looking after granny?

     - What are the conditions likely to be? Pack for all possibilities... 

33:57 - Rant & Rave

- Martin raves about flowers... man.

- Tom rants about crazy pacing ;)

36:50 - Interview - Chris Thompson - deuxième partie

- This year Chris has run the 3rd fastest 10,000m of all time by a British Athlete (27:29) and won an amazing silver medal in the European 10,000m track championships.

- In part two we hear all about his amazing silver medal run in the 2010 European Championships and find out just how fast Chris can run a mile...

- Video of the European Champs 10,000 metres (here)

- Video of the Stanford 10,000 metres (here)

1:04:50 - Question of the Week

- Adam Craske is doing the Round Norfolk Relay and his bit is 19.75 miles starting at midnight! 

1:09:33 - Winner of the Week

- The Slough Running Sisters - Jean & Rosemary (runningsisters.com)

1:11:00 - Close

- The Marathon Talk Smackdown... come on boys!

- Marathon Talk Motivation Station... join the fun... [email protected]

- Coming up... the Pike's Peak Marathon and the UTMB.

- Martin's back to the grind stone... but not for long ;)

- Tom's off to see his daddy :)

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