Episode 319 - Dr Dan Gordon (Part Two)


This week we bring you the chance to win a Garmin VivoSmart with Fitness Rewards, the second part of our pacing interview with Dan Gordon, news from the Team USA Olympic Trials at the LA Marathon, the latest update on the doping saga from Kenya, Training Talk keeps your mojo firing, your rate your run and share your pacing drama’s and just who will be standing on the podium?

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been surfing KBay and to the Banff Adventure film festival

- Tom's been celebrating Helen's 200th parkrun and running 25miles.  Again.

- Check yourselves out in your super-cool Marathon Talk kit all around the world

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     - Tom Wake's interactive album

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WIN a Garmin Vivosmart with Fitness Rewards.

- Listener Richard Bazelely is running the Great Wall of China - not dressed as a sheep. | Sponsor Him.

- Facebook Friday all about pacing is here

18:25 - News

- Rate Your Run over on our forum

- Former Head of RUSADA dies. | BBC

- Big doping news from Kenya | BBC

- The ever observant Sean Ingle from the Guardian | Comments

- US Olympic Marathon Trials | letsrun.com

- Runners World USA did a really cool post race stats and analysis | HERE.

- Rupp Dominates on Marathon Debut | Letsrun

- Cragg makes up for 4th 4 yrs ago with victory | Letsrun

- After the race Flanagan said she’d really suffered: | RunnersWorld USA

- Emotional Goucher unloads at Salazar post race | Watch on Youtube

- A brilliant piece from Tim Layden at Sports Illustrated. | SI

- Rio Olympic schedule - HERE

The Listener Podium is taken from our events pages

1:00:06 - Training Talk - A few ways to keep your mojo high right now!

1:03:40 - Interview with Dan Gordon (Part Two)

- Flying Runner | explore marathon research data

- Flying Runner | marathon pacing calculator

- Flying Runner | Marathon Survey

1:36:50 - Close

- Martin will be Run Director for Poole parkrun juniors, live on the London Marathon Facebook page at 1pm on Friday and planning his long run home

- Tom will be running 20miles and down to Sandy Balls early!

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

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