Episode 31 - Chris Thompson (part one)


Only three British runners have ever broken 27:30 for 10,000 metres and Chris Thompson is one of them... in the first of our two part interview we talked to Chris about the early days and dealing with and then overcoming injury. Martin's still in Annecy, Tom's putting his feet up and we talk all about running.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been standing on podiums, giving up meat and being getting inspired (his blog)

- Martin's been running and riding round the Alps... disconnected! 

05:48 - News

- The girls take the lead in the Marathon Talk Smackdown Challenge (LINK)

- Marathon Talk community rate their weekend runs (see this week's image, above)

- Usain Bolt doesn't win! (bbc.co.uk)

- Chris Solinsky runs 12:55 (running.competitor.com)

- Check out this video of Solinsky's 26:59 10,000 metres (HERE)

- Tristan Miller is running like crazy... (runlikecrazy.com)

- Thanks to Teresa Griffiths we now have a Marathon Talk Magic Mile league table (LINK)

- Results from Siberia and the Arctic (marathonguide.com)

- Mara Yamauchi to run great up north (guardian.co.uk)

11:40 - The Road to Chicago

- We catch up with Liz in Lake Annecy and see how she's preparing for the Smackdown!

17:20 - Training Talk 

- Sometimes it helps to step back, forget about times for a while and think about the bigger picture.

27:35 - Rant & Rave

- Martin rants about trail ettiquette

- Tom raves about not having to do anything :)

00:00 - Interview - Chris Thompson - Part One

- This year Chris has run the 3rd fastest 10,000m of all time by a British Athlete (27:29) and won an amazing silver medal in the European 10,000m track championships.

- In part one of our interview with Chris we talk about the early days, the tough times and building foundations for the future.

- Tune in next week to hear all about his magic 2010 

1:06:20 - Question of the Week

- How should I pace the City to Surf Marathon?

- Should I get up in time for breakfast?

1:13:38 - Winner of the Week

- People getting out of their comfortable comfort zone!

1:14:25 - Close

- Martin's sticking up for the boys and taking on Liz over 5.7 French miles

- Tom's off to spend time with his friends and family :)

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