Episode 307 - Eleanor and Dennis Draper


This week we speak to a genuine pair of marathoning hero’s - Eleanor and Dennis Draper. We’ve done our parkrun smash up. Russians in hiding over the doping scandal and some Kenyans speak out whilst others should. Your rate your run and tell us what you think about walking in a marathon. Tony brings us his trials, you’re on top of the podium and we’ve got a training talk all about fartlek.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been running as hard as possible and writing.

- Tom's been mixing it California style.

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- Sadly we're not going to be able to do Jantastic 2016.

22:31 - News

- Rate Your Run is here

- Russians in hiding | Eurosport

- Trouble for AK | CapitalFM | BBC

- Why is this a problem?  Something certainly is going on | Guardian

- Come on Jeptoo - speak up…| Supersport

41:56 - Jabra Podium

- Thanks to Jabra for supporting the show and giving away a pair of Jabra Sport Pulse headphones every single week to a podium finisher drawn at random

- To get on the podium you need to make sure your marathon is on our events pages (put it on there if it isn't) and then upload your finish time by Monday night UK time

45:45 - Tony's Trials

47:23 - Training Talk - Fartlek

1. Landmark fartlek

Pick a fixed landmark on your run (for example, a park bench, lamppost, a tree, a street corner) as your distance to run then pick a pace at which you’ll run to that landmark (for example, really fast, steady, slow etc).  Once you arrive at the landmark keep running at an easy pace and, whilst jogging, pick your next landmark (a different distance away) and select a pace to run to it.  Keep repeating this varying the landmark distance and the intensity chosen to run to it. 40minutes of this will have you fartlek puffing.

2. Mona Fartlek

Devised by Australian marathon legend Steve Moneghetti and his coach Chris Wardlaw ‘the Mona Fartlek’ is a mixed paced session with some structure to it.  Done on a continuous run the Mona fartlek takes 20 minutes and consists of 2x90sec, 4x60sec, 4x30sec, 4x15sec with a slower tempo recovery of the same time between each repetition.

3. Group fartlek

Because of its nature fartlek might be thought of as best suited to solo runners but it can be done in a group as well.  Use the landmark fartlek but take it in turns within the group to determine the next landmark (i.e, the distance) and the intensity at which the group runs to the landmark. The first runner to arrive at the landmark must turn around and jog back to the final runner until everyone reaches the landmark and the fartlek repeats with a different person choosing the next landmark and running pace.

53:47 - Interview - The wonderful Eleanor and Dennis Draper

1:28:33 - Close

- Martin will be running dressed an elf, being mindful and at the office party

- Hanging out with Helen and the kids and going to Brighton.

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