Episode 29 - Charlie Spedding


With just two years until the opening of the London Olympics we spoke to Britain's last marathon medalist Charlie Spedding and talked to the head of the BBC's Olympic website Mark Coyle. Tony's Trials returned and we launched the Marathon Talk Smackdown.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been training, racing, training, racing and training... details HERE.

- Martin's achilles is twitching and his head fell off (nearly)

- Two years exactly until the London Olympics

03:25 - News

- Results from the Lakeland 100 (lakeland100.com)

- Ryan Hall wins the Bix 7 - his thoughts HERE

- Results from the San Francisco Marathon (thesfmarathon.com)

- Results from the Westlink M7 Cities Marathon (HERE)

- Bushwacking in the wildnerness... (adn.com)

- James Cracknell in cycling accident (telegraph.co.uk)

- The Marathon Talk Smackdown... join up HERE.

13:15 - Tony's Trials

- Greeting etiquette!

20:03 - Training Talk with Charlie Spedding 

- This week we're joined by Great Britain's 1984 Olympic Bronze Medalist in the Marathon.

- Find out more about Charlie and his book 'From Last to First' (HERE)

58:45 - Rant & Rave

- Tom raves about hard work

- Martin rants about race distances

1:01:00 - Interview - Mark Coyle

- With the Olympics only two years away we caught up with the BBC's London 2012 Editor Mark Coyle

- Check out the BBC's fantastic Olympic website HERE.

1:17:40 - Winner of the Week

- Paul Townsend 

1:18:56 - Close

- We hear from Phil Avery and Karl Cannell about their Nottingham build up.

- It's not too late to get involved with the Marathon Talk Motivation Station

- It's the European Champs coming up

- Marathon Talk listeners get 20% off Barefoot Ted's Luna Sandals (www.barefootted.com)

- It's boys v girls in the Marathon Talk Smackdown

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