Episode 28 - Barefoot Ted


At the forefront of barefoot running Ted McDonald talks us through the history and evolution of the barefoot movement. We hear from Liz Yelling on her build up to Chicago and recent race in Sunderland. Marathon Talk smashes through 2,000 Facebook fans and approaches 100,000 downloads from 56 countries. Martin promises to get back running and Tom promises to stop training so hard... soon ;)

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom joins the chain gang!

- Martin goes all 80's and combines BMXing and break dancing! 

- Marathon Talk community reaches 56 countries around the world!

- Facebook community flies through 2,000 people :)

06:07 - News

- Chrissie Wellington SMASHES the world Iron-distance triathlon record (read more at tri247.com)

- Rio Marathon results (read more at marathonguide.com)

- Halie Gebrselassie to race the Great North Run (read more at bbc.co.uk)

08:41 - Liz Yelling's Road to Chicago

- Liz reflects on the Great North 10k and looks forward to the next 12 weeks

11:54 - Training Talk - Getting Competitive

- How can we utilise competition in our training?

- Spouse Smackdown type sessions

- Handicapped interval sessions

- Sharing training diaries

- Train with similar standard athletes

- Create and/or join online training communities

23:25 - Rant & Rave

- Martin raves about making the best of a bad job

- Tom rants about the lack of bike helmets

25:50 - Barefoot Ted McDonald

- Having spent the last 7 years focused on mastering barefoot long distance running BFT now focuses on sharing his insights through coaching clinics and speaking engagements. Many have come to know about him through the pages of Chirstopher McDougall’s best selling book ‘Born to Run’. Ted’s research and adventures have been regularly shared on his popular blog ‘Barefoot Ted’s Adventures’, he hosts an online forum dedicated to minimalist / barefoot running and runs a small custom sandal business, Luna Sandals. 

- Check out Ted's amazing blog at www.barefootted.com

- You can find his Luna Sandals site at www.lunasandals.com

1:14:58 - Winner of the Week

- Nominated by Graham Sheridan via email - Jack Denness completed his 12th Badwater Ultra Marathon at the age of 75 in 59 hours and 

1:15:55 - Close

- Questions for Chrissie Wellington to [email protected] asap

- Autumn marathon season gets closer

- Nottingham Marathon is just round the corner

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