Episode 276 - Yuki Kawauchi


Tom and Martin travel to Zurich to hang with Yuki, Brett, Nico, Bruno, Yoshiko and Hugh. There's news from Boston, Manchester and the Rock 'n' Roll Raleigh Marathon, London revs up the two classiest fields in marathon history (as usual) and you guys step on to the Jabra Podium, Rate Your Run and engage in some Yuki-suit-style Facebook fun.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been in Zurich with Tom and running with Nico

- Tom's been in Zurich with Martin and running with Hugh

- They've both been interviewing Yuki with Brett

- Check out Zurich Marathon's official website

- Link to the specific Facebook Friday post

19:34 - News

- Rate Your Run over on our forum page

- Check out the brilliant Boston coverage on letsrun.com

          - 9 takeaways

          - Desisa shows he's the boss

          - Rotich outkicks Dibaba

- The official Greater Manchester Marathon

- Official London Marathon previews

          - Women

          - Men

          - Wheelchairs

- Rock 'n' Roll Marathon run-bike-run | wral.com

- Our interviewee Twitter list

          - Hywel Davies @hyweltowel and the Boston triathlete

          - Diane Aykroyd @maevethebabe reminises about 2012

          - Tony Audenshawe @TonysTrials running with @patricii

55:38 - The Jabra Podium

- Thanks to Jabra for supporting the show and giving a pair of Jabra Sport Pluse headphones every single week to a podium finisher drawn at random.

- To get on the podium you need to make sure your marathon is on our events pages (put it on there if it isn't) and then upload your finish time by Monday night UK time.

59:08 - Interview - Yuki

- Yuki on Wikipedia

- Japan Running News

1:27:49 - Close

- Martin will be prancing around the London Marathon main stage

- Tom will be mostly sitting on trains

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

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