Episode 275 - Spring Marathon Frenzy


The spring marathon season is in full swing with Paris, Rotterdam, Brighton, and Milan. How would you fancy some extra kilometres at the end of your 10k? We love the Hawaiian chase race and Sir Ranulph Fiennes at MDS. Hooray - there's a new Marathon Talk tee shirt partner, Xempo. Get your race face with training talk and we tried (and failed!) to interview 2:22 marathoner and all-round speedster Lornah Kiplagat!

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro 

- Martin's back from Finland and has been poorly.

- Tom's been eating cucumber sandwiches and watching the boat race from his river balcony.

- Check out the Marathon Talk kit all around the World

          - Facebook album

          - Tom Wake's brilliant World map

          - Please send your photos to [email protected] 

BIG NEWS - THE Marathon Talk tees are BACK! Thanks to Xempo you'll soon be able to support the show with a 26.2 tee.

We’re proud to announce that you’ll soon be able to get your hands on some shiny Marathon Talk 26.2 tee shirt bling thanks to our friends at Xempo who are going to supply the Marathon Talk tee’s for 2015.

15:17 - Xempo founder Dan Afshar tells us more.

- Congratulations to the winners of our IAAF World Half Marathon entry competition.

Matthew Pattison from Huddersfield

Ellie Awford from London

22:28 - News

- Rate Your Run over on our forum

- Paris Marathon | IAAF

- Rotterdam Marathon | IAAF

- Brighton Marathon | IAAF

- Milan Marathon | IAAF

- The Sheffield Half Marathon | Run for All

- The Marathon Talk interviewee Twitter list

- Kenyan Agents Suspended. | Competitor

- Whoops - An extra 3k anyone? | BBC

- Loving this chase race format for Hapalua, Hawaii’s Half Marathon | Toni Reavis

The Marathon Talk Interviewees on Twitter | Link to the list

- MDS - Sir Ranulph Fiennes also did it! | Telegraph

1:00:46 - The Jabra Podium

- Thanks to Jabra for supporting the show and giving a pair of Jabra Sport Pluse headphones every single week to a podium finisher drawn at random.

- To get on the podium you need to make sure your marathon is on our events pages (put it on there if it isn't) and then upload your finish time by Monday night UK time.

1:04:54 - Tony's Trials

1:16:58 - Training Talk - Get your race face on

- Be up for it. 

- Be prepared for everything and anything. Plan, prepare and plan some more. 

- Silence your inner critic. You deserve your place on the start line. 

- Embrace the challenge. It’s what you’ve trained for. 

The Interview that wasn't - Lornah Kiplagat - 

We recorded an interview with Lornah Kiplagat whilst she was having lunch in Nairobi. Unfortunately the sound quality wasn't great. It's available to listen to here but not as a part of this weeks show.

- Listen to the interview with Lornah HERE.

- Check out Lornah Sports

- Lornah on twitter

1:20:44 - Close

- Tom will be going to the Zurich Marathon to meet Yuki Kawauchi!

- Martin will be going to the Zurich Marathon to meet Yuki Kawauchi!


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