Episode 274 - Charles Eugster


Martin's in Finland, Tom's mate Hannah co-presents, Boy on the Run is back, you Rate Your Run, fill the launch pad, stand atop the Jabra Podium and our interview is with super speedy nonagenarian Charles Eugster.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro 

- Hannah's been Wodhouse Moor parkrunning and tapering for London

- Tom's been Kesgrave parkrunning and podcasting in his pants

- Check out the Marathon Talk kit all around the World

          - Facebook album

          - Tom Wake's brilliant World map

          - Please send your photos to [email protected] 

- Get involved in the marathon time prediction research

          - Survey

          - Background

19:00 - News

- Rate Your Run over on our forum

- Shalane Flanagan targets the top three in Boston | runnersworld.com

- 81-year-old Anne Garrett sets 5k record | running.competitor.com

- The Marathon Talk interviewee Twitter list

          - Wilson's video

          - Mo's super-light spikes

31:40 - The Jabra Podium

- Thanks to Jabra for supporting the show

- To get on the podium you need to make sure your marathon is on our events pages (put it on there if it isn't) and then upload your finish time by Monday night UK time.

37:00 - Boy on the Run

39:30 - Training Talk - Hannah's Journey

- Hannah on Power of 10

1:12:00 - Interview - Charles Eugster

- Charles on Twitter

- charleseugster.net

1:50:16 - Close

- Hannah will be Fountains Abbey parkrunning

          - Mums on the Run Twitter

- Tom will be looking after a whole load of crazy kids and probably not parkrunning

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