Episode 272 - Adharanand Finn (Part One)


Strava art reaches new levels of creativity, Martin speaks to Adharanand Finn, Mo breaks 60 minutes for 13.1 miles, Japan announce their World Championship marathoners, Tony's here with his Trials and you Tweet your taper-time woes.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been parkrunning and SUP-surfing a new break #dude

- Tom's been dragging his sorry backside round another 18 mile slog-fest

- Three more entries to our Marathon Talk around the World photo album

- Only a few days left in Jantastic 2015

- Check out the official website of the 2016 World Half Marathon Championships in Cardiff

- We'll re-Tweet any great Strava art using #MTstrava - see here

19:54 - News

- Rate Your Run is taken from our forum

- Mo breaks the European Half Marathon record | bbc.co.uk | letsrun.com

- Japan announces Beijing World Championship marathoners | Japan Running News

- Check out the British Athletics selection criteria for the World Marathon Championships

- Follow the Marathon Talk interviewees on Twitter

         - Kawauchi on road to recovery

39:55 - The Jabra Podium

- Thanks to Jabra for supporting the show

- To get on the podium you need to make sure your marathon is on our events pages (put it on there if it isn't) and then upload your finish time by Monday night UK time.

42:49 - Tony's Trials

48:40 - Interview - Adharanand Finn (Part One)

- The Way of the Runner on Amazon

- Adharanand on Twitter

1:16:08 - Tweet of the Week

Spring marathons approaching … panicking? Share your concerns and we'll cover on this week's show. Recording in an hour.

Follow this link to the Tweet

1:20:44 - Close

- Martin will be going for his Jantastic target time and hanging with the Strava crew

- Tom (and his Dad) will be late for Alison Rose and squeezing in another 18 miles

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

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