Episode 271 - Hugh Jones


Jantastic enters the home straight, the Spen 20 trends on Twitter, Bekele and Way are out of London, Geoffrey Mutai's in London, Martin speaks to British marathon legend Hugh Jones and Jabra bring you the Listener Podium. Boy on the Run is back and you look cool around the World in your Marathon Talk kit.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been 17:40ing with the boys and doing the Mobot

- Tom's been 21:07ing in Wales and doing only just enough Comrades training

- Check out the super-cool Marathon Talkers all around the World

          - Facebook photo album

          - Please submit your photos via email (not Facebook) to [email protected]

- Somebody help Martin's team before they lose all dignity ;-) Jantastic

- Spen 20 social media fracas | mensrunning.co.uk | athleticsweekly.com

- Check out stravadoodles.com

- Find Facebook Friday on our Facebook page

31:12 - News

- Rate Your Run over on our forum

- New York Half Marathon | letsrun.com | official results

- GB teams announced for the World Cross Country Championships | athleticsweekly.com

- Ryan Hall DNFs the LA Marathon | letsrun.com

- Follow the Marathon Talk interviewee Twitter list

- The Jabra Podium is taken from our online rankings page

          - Thanks to Jabra for supporting the Podium and the Show

47:22 - Boy on the Run

49:38 - Interview - Hugh Jones

- Hugh on Wikipedia

- Hugh on the Power of 10

1:24:56 - Close

- Martin will be buffed up with the boys on his paddle board

- Tom will be in London and hanging out with his Dad

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