Episode 27 - Nick Morgan


It's been hot hot hot recently so we caught up with Lucozade Sport's Head of Sports Science Nick Morgan to talk about hydrating in the heat. Liz tell's us all about her Chicago prep, Tom gets lost AGAIN and Martin needs to pick up the pace ;)

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom really could do with a swim & bike compatible Sat Nav!

- Martin goes all 'rock and roll on' us!!!

- Marathon Talk Spouse Smackdown is going global.

05:55 - News

- Mo Farah and Chris Thompson both PB over 5,000m (bbc.co.uk)

- Zermatt Marathon results (LINK)

- Missoula Marathon results (marathonguide.com)

- Grandfather Marathon results (marathonguide.com)

- Mark Taylor swims (yes... SWIMS) 26.2 miles in his local pool! Check out Mark HERE

11:18 - Liz Yelling's Road to Chicago

- Liz smacks down the spouse!

13:30 - Training Talk - Taking on the 10k Challenge

- To run a 10k well you need to have the following...

- A strong aerobic foundation

- A decent turn of top-end speed

- The ability to hold a (relatively) high percentage of your maximum effort

- An economical and efficient running action

- A tough and focused mindset ready to face the job at hand

32:40 - Rant & Rave

- You gotta love drunk Australian crocodile wrestlers

- Please don't moan!

35:10 - Interview

- Nick Morgan tells us all about hydrating in the heat

1:02:30 - Questions

- Charlie Hew via email - What do you guys think about deep water running?

1:08:50 - Winner of the Week

- Benfleet Running Club for their amazing JOGLE effort... despite THIS ;)

1:10:50 - Close

- Chrissie Wellington interview coming up...

- It's the European Athletics champs at the end of this month

- We're less than 30 people away from breaking 2,000 Facebook Fans! 

- Martin's stepping up to the speed plate...

- Tom's gunning it for 100 of Yorkshire's finest miles ;)

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