Episode 266 - Gemma Steel


Tom's back from California, Martin speaks to Gemma Steel and Tom's Dad de-bunks the recent research suggesting that running lots and/or fast is bad for you. Boy on the Run is back, Training Talk is all about the family, and Jantastic approaches a quarter of a million swims, bikes and runs.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been getting older, running 10.2 miles and meeting some experts

- Tom's been having breakfast with Rod and hanging in the US of A

- Check out the Marathon Talkers around the World Facebook photo album

- Jantastic approaches 250,000 runs

- We announced the finalists in our Zurich Marathon meet Yuki competition

- Check out the Kangaroo Island Marathon

- Athletics Weekly interview Paula about running London | here

25:28 - News

- Rate Your Run is taken from our forum

- Doping in amateur athletics | independent.co.uk | violations list on UKAD

- Download Tom's Dad's report on the running research | via Dropbox

- Breaking news about Sammy Wanjiru's death | standardmedia.co.ke

- Check out the Marathon Talk interviewee Twitter list

- Steve Way's 35 miler on Strava

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings page

1:05:43 - Boy on the Run

1:08:21 - Training Talk - Running Around a Family

- Your life will change. Accept it and move on

- Re-think your training budget

- Time for a change in your goals?

- Running buggies are an absolute game changer

- More than one is bonkers

1:15:27 - Interview - Gemma Steel

- Check out Gemma on Twitter

1:44:38 - Tweet of the Week

- Pacing your race... gps watch, stopwatch, nothing?

- Link to the tweet

1:46:18 - Close 

- Martin will be loved up with Liz and swimming 1500m

- Tom will be singing along with Frozen and hanging out at the ballet

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

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