Episode 257 - Andrew Cracknell


We campaign for Jo Pavey, Yuki's at it again, Jantastic is open for entries, as is the 2015 Sandy Balls Marathon Talk running camp. Facebook Friday happened on Sunday, Tom's not run a step, Martin's been celebrating Liz's birthday and you tweet about your all-time favourite Marathon Talk interviewees.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been at the APPG, celebrating Liz's birthday and full-on Jantasticating

- Tom's also been at the APPG but hasn't run a step!

- Gavin Megaw spells out his #GoJo strategy | runhabit.com

- Thanks to adidas for supporting the show

- Check out the Marathon Talk Around the World album on Facebook

- Find Facebook Friday on our Facebook page

17:48 - News

- Rate Your Run over on our forum

- Yuki smashes another marathon course record | Japan Running News

- 16 year old Japanese runner breaks 14 minutes for 5,000m | Japan Running News

- Welcome to the new Bristol + Bath Marathon | RUN247 | Official Website

- Runner hit by car | BBC

- Our interviewees on Twitter

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

34:09 - Sima Klima from Strava

- Simon on Strava

- Simon's Strava blog

50:25 - Interview - Andrew Cracknell

- Andrew on the Power of 10 and Twitter

1:36:07 - Tweet of the Week

For this week's show… who's your all-time favourite @marathontalk interview and why?

- Our Twitter mentions

1:38:20 - Close

- Martin will be looking after the kids! 

- Tom will be celebrating six wonderful years! 

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