Episode 255 - Geoff Smith (Part One)


Martin speaks to the 6th fastest British male marathoner ever and Tom speaks to Professor Andy Shennan about running in pregnancy. Yuki smashes yet another marathon record, Facebook inspires us and Twitter makes us laugh, Tony's here with his Trials and you Rate Your Run and climb aboard the Listener Podium

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been going Jantastic crazy... PTL!

- Tom's not been at parkrun at all... WTF!

- Thanks to adidas for their support

- Check out the 'Marathon Talk around the World' Facebook album

- Kayla Montgomery running with MS - ESPN video 

- Check out (and sign up for) Prof Shennan's running in pregnancy study here

24:24 - News

- Rate Your Run

- Jo Pavey shortlisted for SPOTY 2014

- irunfar.com review of the World 100k Championships

- Ellie Greenwood's race report on irunfar.com

- Yuki Kawauchi smashes another marathon record | Japan Running News 

- Check out the Marathon Talk interviewees on Twitter

- Loving the giant treadmill video

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

47:40 - Tony's Trials

51:35 - Interview - Geoff Smith (Part One)

- Geoff on the Power of 10

1:15:08 - Tweet of the Week

- You know the weather is cold for running when... 

1:16:40 - Close

- Martin will be parkrunning on Saturday and Facebook Q&Aing

- Tom will be in London and Cambridge then XCing

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events page

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