Episode 254 - Bob Matthews


Tom speaks to Paralympic legend Bob Matthews, the website is back, along with Rate Your Run, the Listener Podium and the Launch Pad. Boy on the Run is in the house, 400 runners run 70 minutes or faster at the Ageo Half Marathon and Martin's on a Jantastic mission.

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Show Notes


- Martin's been running in the rain and working on Jantastic

- Tom's been ringing the PB bell

- Thanks to adidas for supprting the show

- Marathon Talkers around the World

- Facebook Friday was taken from our Facebook page


- Rate Your Run on the forum

- Check out the super fast Ageo City Half Marathon via Japan Running News

- Yokohama women's marathon via Japan Running News

- Marathon of the North axed | Sunderland Echo

- Our interviewee Twitter list

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings page

Boy on the Run

- Check out the blog

Interview - Bob Matthews

- Bob's website

- Bob on Wikipedia

Something of the Week

Recording shortly and just noticed we have 22,222 likes... what's your favourite running number and why?


- Tom will be in London, interviewing Bob and chilling out at the weekend

- Martin will be looking after the bin lids and running off road

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

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