Episode 25 - Liz Yelling


With the Autumn marathon season fast approaching it's time to kick those bad habits into touch, strap on your training shoes and head out the door. We catch up with Liz Yelling to hear how she's planning her training for the Chicago Marathon in October, we also talk about what you should do... NOW, and announce yet another legendary interviewee...

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom celebrates being one year older by bombing up and down the A19 on his bike!

- Martin hasn't run for a week... check out his blog (HERE)

05:12 - News

- Leeds running community mourns the passing of John Lunn (LINK)

- Course record broken at the Western States Endurance run by Geoff Roes (LINK)

- Ian Sharman finishes 8th overall at the same race (LINK)

- Deena Kastor to support at Badwater (competitor.com)

- North Devon Marathon (LINK)

- Seattle Rock'n'Roll Marathon (competitor.com)

- Australian potential...? (LINK)

- Attempt on world indoor marathon record (LINK)

- Perth Marathon... fastest around? (LINK)

16:00 - Training Talk - The Autumn 'A' Race

- Now's the time to kick-start your October campaign

- De-clutter your non-running life

- Get yourself a simple and repeatable basic week

- Start your long runs nice and slow

- Bench mark your fitness with one mile easy, one mile steady, one mile hard

32:47 - Rant & Rave

- Vive La Tour

- Slip Slap Slop

35:37 - Liz Yelling

- Having targeted the Chicago Marathon as her first race back following the arrival of Ruby Liz tells us all about where she is at the moment, how she got there and where she wants to go...

1:07:01 - Questions

- How could I use a series of monthly 10km races to improve my running?

- I keep 'hitting the wall' on my long runs... why?

1:12:08 - Winner of the Week

- Paul Petersen (Deseret News)

1:14:24 - Close

- Facebook community keeps growing... come and say hi (LINK)

- Nearly PB'd our weekly downloads...

- Nottingham Marathon - Marathon Talk Motivation Station

- Chrissie Wellington 'The Queen of Kona' coming soon... questions please... 

- Tom's having another crack at his 50 mile bike time trial PB

- Martin's working on his kids race series

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