Episode 235 - Ben Moreau


Yuki Kawauchi doesn't break Deek's record, Paula Radcliffe does plan her comeback, Mo Farah isn't running, we review the home nations' male marathoners and Ben Moreau speaks to Martin about his Commonwealth Games plans. Training Talk is all about the Autumn, you Rate Your Run and there's a sheep-farming Winner of the Week.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been in London, watching the footy and loving Le Tour

- Martin's been nine-minute running and also loving Le Tour

- Thanks to adidas for their continued amazing support 

- We have a Thunder Run team

- Facebook Friday is taken from our Facebook page

- The Magic Mile is open for business

11:52 - News

- Rate Your Run is taken from our forum

- Gold Coast Marathon | abc.net | Japan Running News

- Paula to race at the Worcester 10K | BBC

- Farah out of the Glasgow Grand Prix | Athletics Weekly

- Commonwealth Games nations | glasgow2014.com

- Team Wales | Andrew Davies

- Team Scotland | Ross Houston | Derek Hawkins

- Team England | Steve Way | Nick Torry | Ben Moreau

- Team Northern Ireland

- Team Jersey

- Team Guernsey

- Team Scotland's Commonwealth Games parade uniform | BBC

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings page

32:13 - Boy on the Run

38:14 - Training Talk - Autumn Marathon Preparations

- Don't start too hard, do shift up a gear, don't do what you've always done, don't worry too much about miles and definitely don't do too much!

45:32 - Interview - Ben Moreau

- Ben on the Power of 10 and on Twitter

1:24:34 - Winner of the Week - Gary Verity

- Nominated by Richard Hall on Twitter

- Read more about Gary via The Guardian

1:26:13 - Close

- Martin will be BMF workshopping, trying another run and writing for Men's Running

- Tom will be in London, at home and running round Eccup

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

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