Episode 233 - Andrew Davies and Greg McMillan


Wilson Kipsang gets taken down by his mate, Lee Merrien's out of the Commonwealth Games, Andrew Davies is in the Commonwealth Games and speaking to Martin, Tom speaks to Greg McMillan about altitude training, Tony's back with his Trials and we've got the parkrun ABC.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been Northern Irish parkrunning and looking towards the big four-o

- Martin's been flying solo and prepping for the BMF

- Download the Ellie Greenwood post-Comrades interview here

- We need a J and an X to complete the parkrun alphabet

- Loving The Oatmeal's 'DOs and DO NOTs' 

- Thanks adidas for their continued support of the show

- The Magic Mile will be open for business any day now

- Visit runforall.com for The Ultimate Season Ticket and to enter the Yorkshire Marathon

18:02 - News

- Rate Your Run via our forum

- Pacing or racing in the Czech Republic? worldrunning.com

- Amba Hotels City of London Mile | atleticsweekly.com | cityoflondonmile.co.uk

- Lee Merrien out of the Commonwealths | @leemerrien

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

31:42 - Tony's Trials

40:07 - Training Talk - Greg McMillan on Altitude

- Checkout Greg's website

- Find Greg on Twitter

- Buy Greg's book

1:01:26 - Interview - Andrew Davies

- Find Andrew on Twitter

- Andrew's Power of 10 profile

1:35:20 - Winner of the Week

- Steve Birkinshaw for breaking Joss Naylor's Wainwrights record

- Nominated by John Ford on Facebook

- Details via the BBC

1:36:30 - Close

- Martin will be happy when Liz is home

- Tom will be staycationing, turning 40 and quaffing it up at L'Enclume

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