Episode 230 - Craig Smith


Ellie Greenwood takes the biggest and best win of her career at Comrades. Galen Rupp sets a new American 10000m record. There’s a new marathon world age best for a 91 year old and a half marathon world age best for a 10 year old. Training Talk teaches you how to win Comrades. Boy on the Run is in the room and our interview is with finisher of all 6 marathon majors in sub 3hr30min Craig Smith

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been partying with Liz and dancing on tables

- Martin's been at home looking after the kids

- Neither of them have been running

- Steve Way hits the headlines - Guardian. 

- Thanks to adidas for their continued support of the show 

- Purchase your super cool marathon talk kit via Sweatshop

- This year's Magic Mile will run between July the 27th and August the 10th. Get ready to set up a 'real' or 'virtual' event via Marathon Talk Magic Mile very soon!

- Free entry to the City of London Mile here - please use the code TALKMILE

- Are you a mentally tough runner?  If you've got a strong head then Josie Perry would love you to take her short survey about just how tough your running mojo is! Take the survey.

12:54 - News

- Rate Your Run is taken from our forum

- Edinburgh Marathon results reversal | Official Website 

- Sheffield Half back in the news | Sheffield Star

- Comrades. Ellie Greenwood ROCKS! | Comrades website

     - If you haven’t heard our special Comrades show it’s HERE

     - Ellie even made the Independant

     - Watch the race on YouTube from 6 hours and 6 minutes to see Ellie take the lead

- Rock'n'Roll San Diego - new age 91 world best | Event press release

- New half marathon best for a 10 year old | Washington Post

- Galen Rupp runs an American record at the Pre Classic distance night track meet at Hayward Field Eugene | LetsRun

- Watch the race here

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

53:09 - Boy on the Run

58:28 - Training Talk - How to win Comrades by 9 time winner Bruce Fordyce | As featured in Runner’s World

1:04:33 - Interview - Craig Smith  

- He's run all six World Marathon Majors in under three hours and thirty minutes

- 'Endurance exercise interferes with heart rhythm' | BBC

- It's Heart Rhythm Week from the 2nd to the 8th of June | aaaw.org.uk

- Find Craig on the official list of 'Six Star Finishers'

1:47:28 - Winner of the Week - Proper fancy dress

- Congratulations fireman Alex O'Shea | Evoke

1:54:28 - Close

- Tom will be searching for his running mojo

- Martin will be cycling hopefully (as opposed to 'cycling, hopefully')

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