Episode 23 - Sammy Wanjiru


Sammy Wanjiru has run the fastest Olympic marathon, UK based marathon and American marathon of all time... we caught up with him on a recent trip to Bedford. Also on this week's show, Martin is about to go large and Tom get's back in the groove with a half-Ironman.

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom dodges the rain in Bala

- Martin hangs out with THE Champ!

- The inverse taper is nearly done...

- We're NOT loving the vuvuzela!

05:56 - News

- Brighton Marathon sells out (LINK)

- The Houston Marathon goes to a ballot (LINK)

- South Downs Marathon results (LINK)

- Choose your medal at the Disney Marathon (LINK)

13:05 - Training Talk - Choosing your next marathon

What do you want from the event?

     - PB time?

     - An experience?

     - A challenge?

     - The opportunity to travel?

23:30 - Rant & Rave

- Tom raves about people giving some love back to the race organisers

- Martin rants about the weight loss corset that caught his attention when checking out 'drop a dress size' adverts in the latest issue of Caravan Club Magazine....!

27:30 - Interview - Sammy Wanjiru

- In 2008 Sammy won the Beijing Olympic Marathon in an Olympic record time. In 2009 he won the London Marathon in the fastest time ever run in the UK and then the Chicago Marathon in the fastest time ever run in the USA. Martin caught up with Sammy on his recent trip to Bedford.

41:40 - Questions 

- I'm training for my first marathon, how important is technique?

- How much might the heat have affected my performance at this year's Edinburgh Marathon?

46:03 - Winner of the Week

- Tesso Fabian from Brisbane, Australia 

47:18 - Close

- Grandma's Marathon and the Midnight Sun Marathon coming up

- Tom's off to recce the bike course for his final Iron distance triathlon

- Send us your questions for Scott Jurek ([email protected])

- Only two more 'sleeps' for Martin!

- Come and join the Motivation Station at this year's Nottingham Marathon

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