Episode 226 - Steve Way (Part Two)


Yuki’s at it again. The sub 4 mile is 60 years old. There’s some great British performances on the track in Standford and a British record over 100k from the unstoppable Steve Way who’s also back with part two of his interview. Training Talk is all about summer speed. Tony’s here with his trials and there’s a tasty something of the week.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's on the mend and back running

- Martin's been smuggling 16 Monaco miles.

- Thanks to adidas for their continued amazing support

- The Sweatshop Marathon Talk code is now MTALK26

- We celebrate the first sub 4 minute mile 60 years ago!  

- 60th Anniversary of the mile | BBC | Wikipedia

- Video of the whole mile here.

- Westminster Mile | Official Press Release

- Beer mile | USA Today | Beermile.com

21:25 - News

- Rate Your Run via our forum

- Hamburg Marathon | Japan Running News

- Ellie Greenwood 2nd in Vancouver | elliegreenwood.blogspot.co.uk/

- Payton Jordan Invitational | letsrun.com men’s 5,000 | women’s 10,000

- Steve Way wins UK 100km champs | SteveWay.co.uk 

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings page, here

41:10 - Tony's Trials

48:26 - Training Talk - Speed up for summer!

52:52 - Steve Way (Part Two)

- Steve's website is steveway.co.uk

1:20:30 - Winner of the week.

- The Bacon Station. 

1:28:14 - Close

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

- Find us on Facebook and Twitter

- Tom will be thinking about 85miles a week

- Martin will be kicking off training for 'The Beast' 











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