Episode 22 - Helen Clitheroe


As a two-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games medallist and British record holder for the 3,000m steeplechase Helen seemed the perfect person to speak to about running... fast! We also heard about fast sessions, faster OAPs and the correct speed with which to reply to an email!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been sorting out his life and has got back into training

- Alistair Brownlee takes down the triathlon elite... GO YORKSHIRE!

- Martin's nearly there and about to 'inverse' taper!

- Check out the Bacchus Marathon (LINK)

- Do it for Barry! (LINK)

- Great new magazine called Trail Running (LINK)

06:45 - News

- Speedy OAP choses 'option B' to run 3.05 marathon (LINK)

- Haile Gebrselassie to run NYC Marathon (LINK)

- San Diego Marathon... smile for the camera Richard! (LINK)

- Stockholm Marathon (LINK)

- Christchurch Marathon (LINK)

11:37 - Training Talk - Running Faster

- Quality

- Recovery

- Sessions

- Form & focus

- Warming up & cooling down

23:20 - Rant & Rave

- Tom rants about people who don't answer their emails!

- Martin raves about people who don't answer their emails!!

- Tom rants about people who do answer their emails!!!

25:40 - Interview - Helen Clitheroe (LINK)

- Having competed in the Sydney Olympics over 1,500 metres and Beijing over the 3,000 metres steeplechase, not to mention winning a bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, Helen tells us all about how to run... fast!

56:00 - Questions 

- Rob Moyse via email - Is there an alternative to the long run?

59:12 - Winner(s) of the Week

- Happy Families... nominated by Daimon Walker

1:00:25 - Close

- Nottingham Marathon - winners announced

- Join the fun at the Marathon Talk Motivation Station - [email protected]

- Exciting interviews on the way...

- Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

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