Episode 218 - Anna Watkins


We speak this week with Anna Watkins, she won the women’s double sculls with Kath Grainger at the London 2012 Olympic Games and is running this years Virgin Money London Marathon. Jantastic zooms past 300,000 runs. Training Talk looks at the 'to do’s' and 'takeaways' from a final long run. You rate your run, Tony brings us his trials and you rant.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been smashing out an awesome long run/race. Almost a Royal Flush?

- Martin's been niggled by a pesky hamstring.

- We are not elitist ;-)

- Tony's Marathon Mania event in Manchester still has tickets available here

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28:30 - News

- Rate Your Run here

- ‘Marathon Man Mo’ to take some stick? | Independant

- World Indoor champs - March 7th in Poland.  Lagat silver. Rupp 4th. | Letsrun

- British team for World Half Marathon announced | AW

- The great thing about the LA Marathon - the gender challenge | Competitor

- Scott Westcott takes down Yuki! | Interview on ABC Newcastle here | Scott on Facebook

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

43:40 - Tony's Trials

51:34 - Training Talk -  Five Final long Run ‘to do’s’ and ‘takeaways’

To do:

1. Include MP target miles.

2. Know your nutrition and hydration strategy.

3. Wear your kit - everything, shoes, vest, shorts, socks the works.

4. Practise your in race motivation / concentration strategies

5. Race simulation - terrain and surface - replicate and be specific to the demands of your race goal event.


1. Don’t panic.

2. Learn from the right and the wrong.

3. Don’t get goal sloppy.  

4. Plan easy days after your final long run - this is the time to rest, recover and adapt.

5. You’ve reached the peak of your training mountain with the completion of this run.  Stay mentally switched on to your main race.

1:05:26 Interview with Anna Watkins - London 2012 Olympic rowing Champion (women's double scull with Kath Grainger)

- Website

- Team Macmillan

- We ran out out of time for the mile question!

1:28:55 - Rant of the week.

Thanks Leighton Williams.

Please protect out wonderful running environments and don't drop litter at races/events.

1:31:15 - Close

- Martin will be going to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and getting back on his feet.

- Tom will be running the Trimpell 20. 

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