Episode 217 - Bill Adcocks (Part Two)


Ryan Hall's running Boston and Chris Solinsky's running an Autumn marathon, Bill Adcocks is back for the second part of his interview. There's speedy half marathons in Reading, Bath and Silverstone, Tony's here with his Trials and Training Talk takes you to the max!

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been logging miles and losing weight

- Martin's been positive splitting and rocking the double buggy 

- Tony's Marathon Mania event in Manchester still has tickets available here

- Thanks to adidas for their continued support of the show

- Live Q&A with Liz Yelling on our Facebook page tonight (5th March) from 8:30-9:30pm

- Jantastic website, Facebook and Twitter

- Download Nuno's Excel file here

- Loving the recovery tips on our Facebook page

25:48 - News

- Rate Your Run here

- Scottish Cross Country on Athletics Weekly | full results

- Reading Half Marathon write up on Sweatshop.co.uk

- Steve Way's blog

- Ben Livesey's wonderfully detailed training diary is here

- Silverstone Half Marathon results

- Chris Thompson on Twitter

- Bath Half Marathon results

- Rory Fraser on Eightlane

- Ryan Hall to run Boston | Official press release

- Chris Solinsky moves up to the marathon | Let's Run

- Watch the video of Solinsky's amazing 26:59

- Is it OK for teenagers to run marathons? | Runner's World USA

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

48:34 - Tony's Trials

- Litigation, the death of fell running

- Join the Marathon Mania here

- Reggae Reggae Sauce, the video

59:49 - Training Talk - Taking it to the max!

- Consider your target

- What will your process be?

- Get in the right mind state

- Warm up properly

- Stick to the plan in the early stages

- Be present throughout

- Predict where it will get tough and plan for that

- If the wheels come off then adopt plan B, if you have one

- If they don't come off then celebrate in style

- Reflect and put your performance in context

1:08:38 - Interview - Bill Adocks (Part Two)

- Bill's book "The Road to Athens" published in 2004 may still be available at £11.00 including P & P from 90 Frilsham Way, Allesley Park, Coventry CV5 9LR, cheques made payable to W Adcocks.

1:39:56 - Winner of the Week

- Brett Sammut and his indoor Ironman

- Nominated by Linda Barwick

1:40:53 - Close

- Martin will be in Bedfordshire, running 22 miles and speaking to Barry Murray

- Tom will be at the Redcar 20 and home all week :-)

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

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