Episode 213 - Leanne Davies


Mo and Paula hang out in Iten, a Brit runs all the way across Canada and there’s some controversial comments around Galen Rupp. Is swimming the answer? Training Talk takes you through the bad times, Tony’s here with his Trials and Martin speaks to Leanne Davies from Run Mummy Run.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been not full Pfitzingering, but has been Facebook Q&Aing and celebrating Helen's 40th (year) 

- Martin's been meeting some experts, running into a headwind and sinusitisering 

- We both ranted about the ridiculous guidlines set out by the Department of Education

     - The offending document is here (see section 22)

     - Chrissie's great reposte is here

- Thanks to adidas for their continued amazing support 

- Jantasticants smash through 160,000 completed runs! 

- Jantastic on Facebook and Twitter

16:27 - News

- Rate Your Run is taken from our forum

- mofarah seen training in Kenya | The Guardian

- Brit runs across Canada | JamieMcDonald.org | The Independent 

- Paula still focused on London | BBC

- Controversy in the States | Craig Virgin | LetsRun.com

- The fantastic Competitor interview with Alan Webb is here

- Athletics Weekly article on Georgia Taylor-Brown

- The Listener Podium is taken from our online rankings

45:30 - Tony's Trials

Tickets go on sale this Friday (February the 7th) at 2pm for £13.10 or £26.20 | HERE

55:24 - Training Talk

1 - Context

2 - Goals

3 - Limiters

4 - Strategy

5 - Simplify your life and apply yourself like it matters

1:09:30 - Interview - Leanne Davies from Run Mummy Run

1:44:00 - Something of the Week

- Taken from our Facebook page

1:46:38 - Close

- Martin will be... discovering the meaning of life, the Universe and everything! 

- Tom will be in London, at Sandy Balls and on holiday

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