Episode 21 - The parkrun special


In the last five years parkrun has gone from 13 friends running round Bushy Park on a Saturday morning to over 5,000 people running 5k for free every single weekend in over forty events, which in their time have seen 20,000 volunteers get involved... we chatted with a few of the key people behind this running revolution! 

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- All work and no play makes Tom a dull boy!

- It's almost taper time for Martin ;)

- We've both been presenting Marathon Talk to the British Olympic Association... how posh!

01:55 - News

- Great teamwork in a half marathon in China (LINK)

- Comrades ultra marathon (LINK)

- Ottawa Marathon (LINK)

- Chester Marathon (LINK)

- Mo Farah runs 27:44 for 10k on the road (LINK)

06:16 Interview - parkrun HQ

- Paul Sinton-Hewitt, Chris Wright and Duncan Gaskell welcome us to parkrun HQ to talk about how it all started, how it all works and where it's all going. Link to parkrun HERE

26:26 - Tony's Trials

- The Three Way Pass

33:00 - Interview - parkrun race directors

- Karen Weir - Richmond Park (LINK)

- Chris Phelan - Banstead Woods (LINK)

- Heidi Uff - Cambridge (LINK)

- Richard Leyton - Glasgow (LINK)

56:50 - Rant and Rave 

- Martin rants about poor organisation :(

- Tom rave's about 20,000 lovely people :)

58:25 - Interview - parkrun sponsors

- Hugh Brasher - Sweat Shop (LINK)

- Shona Hughes - Lucozade Sport (LINK)

1:09:35 - Winner of the Week

- Andrea Trujillo

1:11:08 - Interview - the final word on parkrun

- Roger Wilson

1:15:45 - Close

- Join the fun on the Marathon Talk Motivation Station at the Experian Robin Hood Marathon

- Is our interviewee marathon pb of 2:06:17 about to get broken?

- Just a couple of runs left before Martin's big day!

- Marking marking everywhere for Tom :(

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