Episode 192 - Jeffrey Eggleston


Jeffrey Eggleston was the first American home in this year's World Marathon Championships, Tony brings us an epic Trials, Berlin and Chicago announce epic fields and the Magic Mile Champions are announced. Plus we've got some great Rate Your Runs, Winners of the Week and all the news and gossip from the World of running.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been running, interviewing and pushing Rosie

- Martin's been timing the Poole Magic Mile and preparing for the twins

- Thanks to adidas for their amazing support

- Over 1,500 people entered the Magic Mile, full results here

- The Marathon Talk Facebook page is here

13:45 - News

- Check out Rate Your Run via the forum

- The Tour of Milton Keynes

- Martin Rees (Episode 181) breaks his 6th World record of the year | AthleticsWeekly.com 

- Ian Sharman and Nick Clark battle it out for the Ultra Running Grand Slam

Ian Sharman's blog | iRunFar.com | Nick Clark's blog

- Berlin Marathon announce elite field here

- Chicago Marathon announce elite field here

- Pavey announces her new baby | AthleticsWeekly.com

- The Listener Podium is taken from our events listings

33:34 - Tony's Trials

55:03 - Interview - Jeffrey Eggleston

- Find Jeffrey on TwitterFacebook and his website

1:37:28 - Winner of the Week

- Thanks to Kevin Guttridge for nominating all the final finishers

1:38:13 - Close 

- Martin will be taking Ruby to school, BMF Sunday running and interviewing Paul Pollock

- Tom will be in London, Harrogate and watching the battle of the Brownlees

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events listings

- Check us out on Twitter and Facebook

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