Episode 191 - Ron Clarke (Part Two)


Tom’s back in the room. The Magic Mile roars on. What would you do in a sprint finish? News of far fewer elite prize purses for offer in the USA. Bekele says he is up for the marathon in Rio. Boston Marathon registration opens. 400m hurdles, on a bike? Boy on the Run is here, we have the second part of our interview with Aussie legend Ron Clarke and we rave about a tiny half marathon with a big heart!

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been running a 10k and stiching his Dad up with 'Beat Brian'

- Martin's been not running, looking after his poorly Mum and paddling the SUP Brownsea Challenge

- Thanks to adidas for their continued support

- The Magic Mile is almost done!  Last chance this week (before Sunday 8th Sept) to run your mile!

adidas Boost Magic Mile featured mile event results.

- Men are just ahead in the overall gender challege with an overall 5:38 overall mile compared to a 5:56 mile for the women.

- Best age calculator is here

- Facebook Friday - should you pass someone showboating in the finish chute?

- Ultimate showboating - watch Ovett V Treacy 1980 Crystal Palace 5k.

21:42 - News

Rate your run here

- Keninisa Bekele to run a marathon. | Daily Nation

- Yuki K to be at GNR | Japan Running News

- Competitor Group stops elite support | Runblogrun | Runnersworld USA | Toni Reavis - wanderings in a running world

- Boston Marathon Registrations for 2014 race | BAA Press Release

- UTMB - records tumble| UTMB |Athletics Weekly Check out Talk Ultra for full reports.

- 400m hurdles on a bike! | Youtube

47:53 - Boy on the Run

56:12 - Interview - Ron Clarke.

- The second part of our interview with Australian distance running legend Ron Clarke.

1:25:28 - Rave - The Rathlin Run. | Rathlin Community

1:27:53 - Close

- Martin will be Poole Magic Miling, delivering a running workshop in London and hopefully at Bushy parkrun.

- Tom is Carnegie Maic Miling and back to the grindstone.

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

- Thank you for listening to this weeks Marathon Talk.


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