Episode 190 - Ron Clarke (Part One)


Tom is on holiday at his second home in the Maldives and so Laura Fountain joins Martin this week. We’ve got news of coaches that cannot be serious, things to do on holiday, and Jeffrey Egglestons blog. The Magic Mile is underway. Training Talk is about mid-way Autumn marathon prep. Boy on the Run is in town. We speak with Aussie running legend Ron Clarke, and the podium is loaded!

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

Welcome to Laura Fountain from Write This Run who is co-hosting the show this week.

- Laura's been falling off her bike after 1 beer (and 90miles) and binge training.

- Martin's been running 25kms pain free and volunteering at the first Bournemouth parkrun

- Thanks to adidas for their continued support

The Magic Mile has started!

Win a pair of adidas Boost trainers and run 'virtually' with Olympic champions!

sign up for the adidas Boost Magic Mile on Saturday 31st August.

- Women currently taking down the men! 73 to 66 points.

14:00 - News

Rate your run here

- Mac the running coach? | USA Today

- Google Street (well, canal) maps | Telegraph

- Jeffrey Egglestons great blog after Moscow IAAF men's marathon | LINK

- Kiprotich gets a car for winning in Moscow! | AllAfrica.

- Salazaar responds to doping suggestions | Telegraph

- The UTMB, it’s this weekend - would you do it? | UTMB

34:10 - Boy on the Run

41:00 - Training Talk

- Mid-way through an Autumn marathon build up where are you, how are you feeling and what should you do now?

52:19 - Interview. Australian running legend Ron Clarke. (Part one) | Athletics Australia Hall of Fame.

1:22:34 - Rave of the week.

- Laura raves about marshall love.

1:25:10 - Close

- Laura will be running the Write this Run Magic Mile at Hyde Park Corner on Friday. (not solo we hope!) and running longer.

- Martin will be watching the Red Arrows.

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages

- Thank you for listening to this weeks Marathon Talk.




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