Episode 19 - Ryan Hall


In 2007 Ryan Hall became the first American to break 60 minutes for a half marathon and in 2008 set the fastest marathon time ever run by an American born athlete crossing the London Marathon finishing line in 2:06:17. We caught up with him to talk about all things running. Also this week, Tony squeezed out a new PW, Martin took a turn for the worst and Tom made his final training bank deposit. 

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's LIVE from Lanza

- Martin's got the trots

- Check out www.zocotravel.com for your wintersun accomodation.

03:28 - News

- Adam Holland's TEN in TEN... (LINK)

- World 24 hour champs... (LINK)

- Great Manchester 10... (LINK)

- USA National Running Day... (LINK)

- San Francisco Bay to Breakers... (LINK)

08:10 - Tony's Trials

- A 'PW' for Big T :(

13:40 - Training Talk

- How will triathlon training and particularly the bike affect my run performance?

21:45 - Rant and Rave 

- Martin rants about being ill :(

- Tom raves about the training bank :)

23:22 - Interview - Ryan Hall

- Get involved with The Hall Steps Foundation (LINK)

1:03:21 - Questions

- What training should I do to prepare for a marathon training block?

- Where can I run a super fast marathon in time for a Virgin London Marathon 'Good For Age' spot?

1:07:37 - Winner of the Week

- Our inaugural Raspberry of the Week is Mrs. Stephen Illes

- Our 19th winner of the week is Adam Holland

1:10:06 - Close

- Martin's flying up to Scotland... how posh!

- Tom's taking it easy in Lanza... until Saturday ;)

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