Episode 187 - Laura Fountain


Lazy Girl Running Laura Fountain speaks to Martin, we preview the Women's World Championship Marathon, Gemma Steel runs a super fast road 10k, Steve Way wins his first ever 100k, the Magic Mile inches closer, Tony brings us his Trials and we hear from Siberia about their new youth development programme.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been supporting at Ironman UK and getting himself injured

- Martin's been mentioning the Dream Team, being sensible and catching up with his Bedfordian friends

- Thanks to adidas for their amazing support 

- The Magic Mile is open

- Thanks to Richard McChesney and You Know You Are Books for this great cartoon...

- Loving the relentless positivity on our Facebook page

25:38 - News

- Rate Your Run via our discussion forum here

- Women's World Marathon Champs | course map | start list

- Susan Partridge on Twitter | @partridgesusan

- Soni Samuels' blog | soniasamuels.com

- Gemma Steel PBs over 10k | letsrun.com

- Mo, Haile and Ken go head to head at the Great North Run | bbc.co.uk

- Steve Way runs 6:40 for 100k | athleticsweekly.com

- Nick Willis sets up his own mile | bringbackthemile.com | annarbor.com

42:37 - Tony's Trials

55:55 - Listener Podium

- The podium is taken from our events pages, enter yours here

58:09 - Interview - Laura Fountain

- Laura on Twitter | @lazygirlrunning

- Laura's website | lazygirlrunning.com

- The Lazy Runner | Amazon

Blogs of interest...

- cakeofgoodhope.com

- willrunforbeer.blogsport.co.uk

- scottoverall.com

- writethisrun.co.uk

1:36:45 - Something of the Week

The Siberian Nappy Marathon, nominated by James Howe on Facebook

- The Siberian Times

1:38:03 - Close

- Martin will be at the BMF Sunday Series, riding his bike and chilling at home

- Tom will be at home all week, watching the women's World Champs marathon and running (hopefully)

- The Listener Launch Pad is taken from our events pages, enter yours here

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