Episode 186 - adidas Thunder Run


It's an adidas Thunder Run special! We look back at a weekend of scorching sunshine, torrential rain, knee deep mud and hundreds of kilometres of happy, tough, exhilarating running. There’s a little news, a special Thunder Run ‘rate your run’, and Tony’s Trials is back!

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been track running and Thunder Running

- Martin's been not running and Thunder Running

- If you haven't entered yet, please sign up for the 2013 Magic Mile and tell your mates.

- Thanks to adidas for their continued support of the show

09:38 - The 2013 adidas Thunder Run

- We've been going  #allin24 at the adidas Thunder Run

- Meet the Marathon Talk MT24.  Our amazing team of 8 who rose to the Thunder Run challenge with courage and pride.

15:12 - The weather. Sun, rain, thunder, lightening, sun. Mel Rayner and Tom Williams talk rain.

19:25 - We catch up with adidas tech rep James about kit and footwear choices

24:30 - MT24 member Tim Senior talks night running

28:25 - Thunder Run 'Pioneer' Guru Greg shares his TR24 2013 thoughts

The adidas Thunder Run | Results

33:40 - We speak to women's solo winner Kirsty Reade.

39:27 - Luton AC - the winning mixed team, we speak to 2 super speedsters.

44:30 - Finally, TR24 founder and creator, Patrick Adams shares his event thoughts.

- The adidas Thunder Run Facebook page

- Watch the adidas TR24 highlights trailer (full video out Friday)

49:18 - NEWS

- A special TR24 Rate Your Run

- Mo versus Bolt | Guardian

- David Weir wins the Anniversary Games mile (thanks Adam Chataway!) | Telegraph

- Richard Whitehead's golden blades. | Run with Richard 

- IPC World Marathon Cup stays in London. | VMLM Press Release

- Watch a great video 'The price of Gold' as Swedish elite athletes talk about what it is takes to reach the top.  This really is worth a watch | Watch it.

- The Marathon Talk listener podium  Who'se on top this week?

1:04:55 - Tony's Trials.  

- Tony is back and he's been Thunder Running

1:16:00 - Rave of the week.

1:17:13 - Close

- The listener launchpad is taken from our events pages

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- Tune in on Twitter

1:21:08 - TR24 3 words.

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