Episode 180 - Malcolm Brown


Coach to the Brownlees Malcolm Brown speaks to Tom, Yuki gets stuck inside his mansuit, there’s some great goody bag stories, we catch up with the Jane Tomlinson appeal, you Rate Your Run, Tony brings us his Trials and there’s a short Something of the Week...

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been meeting adidas, Harrogate parkrunning and getting up for Le Tour

- Martin's been 54th birthday partying, hangover running and loving his red socks

- Red Sock Friday | TwitterFacebook | Purchase

- Thanks to adidas for supporting the show

- Check out our Facebok goody bag stories here

- The Magic Mile is coming

13:11 - Interview with Debbie Anderson

27:21 - Interview with Siobhan Curtis

36:12 - News

- Rate Your Run via the forum

- Yuki wins again | Japan Running News

- Paul Pollock targets sub 2:10 marathon | BBC

- Check out the Knaresborough Bed Race | YouTube | Guardian | Official Website

- Father / son sub 4 minute mile combos | Bring Back the Mile Facebook

- The listener podium is part of the Marathon Talk global rankings

49:35 - Tony's Trials

54:55 - Interview with Malcolm Brown

- Malcolm's British Triathlon page and Tri247 interview

1:30:28 - Something of the Week

Ecio Eduardo-Juan Azadanes "The lack of quality and choice when it comes to mens short running shorts! (Split shorts). How anyone can run with long shorts on is a mystery to me. I feel my speed comes from my ability to flash my white upper thigh to the world. I know the ladies love it when I run by (And maybe a few blokes too). Men don't get to wear short shorts that often but running's given me the legs for to be able to pull them off, so if you got them you deserve to flaunt them! The japanese have it right, with those super cut up split shorts, to be honest it's probably what makes the so good. adidas and the other major brands need to sort of this short shorts dilemma. The shorter your shorts, the faster you run. FACT."

1:31:30 - Close

- Martin will be mixing it up with BAC and off to the Alps

- Tom will be in Scotland, meeting Joe and following IMFR

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