Episode 18 - Stride UK


Stride UK was set up by Mitch and Elle Phillips to help runners get the most out of themselves through high-tech video gait analysis, Tony's got the blues, Tom's off to Lanza and Martin's running long...

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's car faux pas!

- Hello to Tony and Tom from Woodbank Park (LINK)

- Ironman Lanzarote is nearly here, follow Tom via Twitter or Facebook

- Martin's demolition derby!

- Easy two hours?

05:10 - News

- Records tumble at the Prague Marathon (LINK)

- Adam Holland - 10 in 10 - follow him now (LINK)

- Beetroot Juice Beetroot Juice Beetroot Juice (LINK)

- New 25km World Record, a challenger to Paula? (LINK)

- Two hours of 76 second 400s? Geronimo... (LINK)

- Rocket Ron returns... (LINK)

15:33 - Tony's Trials

- The Blues

17:12 - Training Talk

- How should you think about setting your goals?

- What about prioritising them?

33:05 - Rant and Rave 

- Martin raves about... consistency

- Tom rants about... inaccurate courses

35:12 - Interview - Mitch Phillips - Stride UK

- Mitchell and Elle Phillips, co-partners of the Sports Injury Clinic David Lloyd Brighton and Studio57 Sports & Postural clinic in Hove branched into this highly specialised and beneficial service as a direct response to client demand and a sheer passion and interest for bio - mechanics and video gait analysis.

- Check out their website at www.strideuk.com

1:00:05 - Questions

- Is my goal realistic?

- What is a good way to lower my 5k time?

- Threshold?

- How accurate are the pace calculators?

- Is two weeks enough rest?

- Twenty-four miles at close to marathon pace... too much?

1:07:05 - Winner of the Week


- Bob Dolphin - At 80 years young he completed his 465th, yes that's right, 465th marathon in Tacoma this weekend only 2 weeks after running Boston!!!! What a great guy and an inspiration to us all!!

1:08:30 - Close


          - We want to hear your own personal marthon reviews from all round the world

          1. Call us on +44 (0) 208 133 7456

          2. Leave a 60 second (MAX) message including...

- Your name

- Where you are from

- What marathon you did

- What you thought of the event

- How your race went

- A score out of TEN

- We'll be interviewing Ryan Hall on Thursday for next week's show

- Follow Tom in Lanzarote via Twitter or Facebook

- Martin's nailing the long ones ;)

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