Episode 175 - Joe Symonds


Joe Symonds won the Yorkshire Three Peaks Marathon for the second time, Martin investigated the Full Foster, Tony brought us his Trials, WADA toughened up and there was a funny video of the week.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been Cannon Hill parkrunning, 55 mile weeking and raving about the old boys and girls! 

- Martin's been hanging out in Dartmoor, not running enough and glamping in a Yurt!

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- Read Duncan Edwards' Paris Marathon report here

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- Thanks to adidas running UK for their amazing support

18:56 - News

- Rate Your Run here

- Noguchi and Kawauchi at Sendai Half Marathon (read more)

- WADA increase length of ban for first offence (read more)

- Jason Henderson and Tony Reavis comment on GB marathoning (read more)

- Mamabolo to receive Comrades prizes (read more)

- Marathon of the North, not (read more)

- Check out the Marathon Talk marathon rankings here

39:26 - Training Talk

- Martin finds out more about the Foster Collapse Sequence

- Read more here

1:00:00 - Tony's Trials

1:04:40 - Interview - Joe Symonds

- Find Joe on the Power of 10 here

- Check out Joe's blog about his Three Peaks victory here

1:41:15 - Video of the Week

- Thanks to Mark Champion for posting this super funny video of Lopez Lomong miscounting his laps

1:42:00 - Close

- Martin will be racing the Purbeck 10k, at home and hanging with Crammy

- Tom will be speaking to Run England, creating space and in the Dales

- The Marathon Talk events pages are here

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