Episode 171 - Boston 2013


On Monday the 15th of April 2013 two explosions rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three spectators and seriously injuring many more. We spoke to five people each with their own personal insight into that day's tragic events.

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Show Notes

Most of you listening to this will already know about the tragic events at Monday’s Boston Marathon where a number of explosions around the finish area lead to the death of three people and serious injury to well over one hundred more. We’d like to start this week’s show by offering our immediate thoughts to those seriously injured, their friends and families. We doubt however that there’s a single member of the World’s running community who doesn’t feel upset right now.

At the end of the show we quoted Toni Reavis' thoughts directly from his blog 'Wandering in a Running World'.

"If any community can come back from such an unspeakable, obscene attack, it is the marathon community, whether here in Boston or next week in London, or in any of the other hundreds of cities which stage these celebrations of life, health, and human solidarity. For as it has been said, once you don your race gear all that we don’t have in common, be it culture, religion, politics or financial station, all those distinctions are erased as the sport of running transcends any and all such differences to link us in our common humanity. That is the true beauty of the sport.

At its heart the marathon is a self-augering tool, digging deep to reveal the true character of a person. The accomplishment of qualifying for then finishing the Boston Marathon cannot be bought, it cannot be given, it can only be earned through unremitting months of dedicated preparation and racing will.

This violation of that spirit in all its cowardly cynicism and wickedness will leave its mark on the city and the marathon for all time, a brutish scar reminding us of man’s incivility, and our capacity to embrace hatred and fear as well as love and light. But it will not halt the spirit that drives millions of people from every culture to explore what it means to be human at its most basic level, and then to express it in communion with one another."

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