Episode 170 - adidas Boost Old Deer Park parkrun


'Live' from Old Deer Park parkrun we have interviews with some of the adidas elite athletes. Tom's away on holiday and so Martin is joined by the amazing Tony's Audenshaw to review Paris marathon and talk about the forthcoming Brighton and Boston marathons. You rate your run, the launchpad is fast and the video of the week is a sheepish pearler. In the final spring marathon countdown training talk we're joined by two time Olympian Liz Yelling.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

This week Martin and Tom recorded some wonderful content at Old Deer Park parkrun and Tom's on holiday so Martin is joined by Tony Audenshaw 'aka Tony's Trials'.

- Old Deer Park parkrun - the adidas Boost parkrun tour finale.

- Garry Cochrane's Masters research on psychology of resilience. Join in email Garry - [email protected]

14:27 - 'Live' from Old Deer Park parkrun

14:27 - Chris and Adam Chataway - Congratulations to Matt Chataway on getting married!

19:00 - Darlington Dan

24:05 - adidas athletes talk about their Old Deer Park parkrun experience

38:13 - Marathon Talk listeners Jenny, Mark and Jack

40:19 - Event Director and all round top bloke Clive Tilley shares his thoughts

- Run247 Marathon Talk video

- Run247 adidas athlete interviews

- ODP Results

43:40 - News

- Paris Marathon (IAAF)

- Paris power? (Competitor)

- Leeds Half Marathon sold out for the second year in a row.  (For All Events)

- Brighton Marathon is this Sunday! (Brighton Marathon)

- Boston Marathon is this Monday! (Boston Globe) (Boston Marathon)

- Watch Boston LIVE

1:00:40 Listener Podium - Congratulations wherever you raced this past weekend.

1:04:30 - Training Talk - Getting marathon race day right with Olympic marathoner Liz Yelling.

1:24:10 - Running Video of the Week.

- Richard Bazeley feeling sheepish at the Great North Run. WATCH

- The Run247 Old Deer Park parkrun montage. WATCH.

01:25:50 - Close

- Tony is off to the Great North Run Hall of Fame induction.

- Martin's back at Poole parkrun.

- Tom's back next week.

Thanks for supporting the show and run well.


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